Sunday, 31 May 2015

And unloaded.

Now to bed !

Thanks to all those involved to follow, well done everyone.

good morning, but goodnight ! Zzzzzzzzzzzz

0600 arrival back in Watchet

Just approaching taunton . arrival now approx 0600

apologies for further delay. but we has tree fellers and some women clearing the road to get us through !

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extra 10 mins delay,

tree down on cartgate link.

cleared by scout power. axes and saws.

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Just entered Yeovil. eta 1 hour

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Just arrived at a wet and wild poole eta home 0530 ish

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Saturday, 30 May 2015

Parents please remember please do not park in anchor street car park as we need space to park the buses and van & trailer and unload.

please park in market street and walk through the joining lane or in swain street / harbour road and walk to the main hq door.

cycles can be collected next week

thank you

The Leaders.

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arrival update. eta Poole 0300-0320 then a couple of hours drive home. so back to watchet about 0530-0600 thanks.

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Hello Guernsey!

Just arriving in Guernsey to offload passengers and then on to Poole !

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and we have left Jersey 2120. probably no phone signal until Guernsey & then Poole.

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and we say that the scouts mess around ! !

keeping entertained watching the football in the ferry terminal.

Time 1800 ferry port packed tea. delay in Ferry means we wont be home until at least 0530-0630 sunday in watchet. ( vary depending on tides and wind overnight)

Ross is going to hold the bikes up all the way. thats another seat saved !

arriving at St Aubins Harbour on route back

leaving scout hq for St hellier earlier 1430 hrs

latest news on return ferry crossing . delayed by over 2 hours presently. not expected home to watchet until at least 0530-0630 .
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ferry delayed be back at hq at approx 6.30 am 

Ready for the off - time to cycle from the Scout Centre to the ferry terminal in St Hellier

Don't you just hate it when you try and take a picture and something gets in the way?

Cleaning and packing continues,  'brunch'  shortly - sausages, bacon,  hash browns,  scrambled egg.

Well that's Simon packed,  and one seat saved...

Morning world, rather a lot of packing, sorting, and cleaning awaits (yippee)

Friday, 29 May 2015

watch out for light poles. they have a habit of jumping out in front of you on cycle tracks !

Yes the road is really that wet and we did get soaked !

The explorers decided that Seb could cycle better by being taller. so they have stretched him ( only a bit ! )

Simons selfie with his go pro watching his back !

round island team at their 1/3 stage
at Gorey Castle.

lunch time at Gorey.

More ice cream at St Catherines

Bug Steve's RM training has come in handy helping two cyclists along !

Round island cycle ride . ice cream stop at St Catherines Bay

Ross gets best job support in the bus but no one failed the ride well done to all !!!!!!

the drowned rats after cycle ride around island 15 miles 

We were up and out early for blow carting,  cycling next! 

Wake-up call!

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Megan being invested into Explorers live on radio (and the rest of the 'rabble')

It's not all boats....

Evening rounders...

Tonight's Sunset ceremony - with Maddy & Alice.

The Chairman...

The fine art of the photo-bomb

Little bit of shopping today - so to illustrate, a sample retail outlet (any similarity to any character, living, or dead is entirely coincidental..)

jersey war tunnels

moltke battery

Jersey war tunnels

moltke battery

moltke  battery

jersey war tunnels 

Explorers have taken some revision/study time this afternoon - some retreated to the beach afterwards (think Samir may still be there - buried)